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Key to Availability:
We are taking enquiries from anyone interested in giving the kitten a suitable loving home
'Under Assessment': We are watching the development of the kitten before deciding what kind of home would be best for them. Enquiries are still welcome
'Optioned': Someone has shown a significant interest in the kitten. The kitten may become available at a later date.
'Reserved': The kitten has been allocated a home and a deposit paid, but has not yet left us.
'Sold': The kitten has been paid for in full.

Coonaria Tallula Sire:- Patayan's Pegasus
Dam:- Coonaria Tallula
Kitten born 4 January 2022

Ready to go to their forever home from 5 April 2022

Coonaria Nesbit a Brown & White Tabby Male (Available)
Coonaria Cathalina a Brown Tabby Female (Optioned NC)
Coonaria Izabella a Blue Tortie & White Female (Optioned RM)

Liberty Sire:- Patayan's Pegasus
Dam:- Lewkris Liberty Of Coonaria
Kitten born 24 November 2021

Ready to go to their forever home from 23 Feb 2022

Coonaria Kolinda a Tortie Tabby & White Female (Available)
Coonaria Morani a Cream High White Tabby (Optioned LP)
Coonaria David Genola a Cream Silver Tabby Male (Optioned KM)
Coonaria Rufus-Raffles a Red Tabby & White (Optioned AS)
Coonaria Fudge a Cream & White Male (Optioned LP)

Sire:- Patayan's Pegasus
Dam:- Lewkris Marvel (aka Blue)
Kitten born 19 November 2021

Ready to go to their forever home from 18 Feb 2022
Coonaria Aria a Tortie & White Female (Reserved)
Coonaria Jack Frost a Cream Classic Tabby & White Male (Reserved GC)

Coonaria All Fired Up a Red Silver Classic Tabby & White Male (Reserved DW)
Coonaria North Star a Cream Silver Classic Tabby & White Female (Reserved)